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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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training. >> they put the system in a year ago. 12 months between 2010 and 2011, we have a 20% reduction in collisions to where a passenger is injured and has to be transported. >> led to increased scrutiny. bus drivers are allowed three preventable collisions or they are fired. >> the severity may lead to a higher level of discipline. >> that doesn't sit well to some. >> i should be -- one chance. you can take someone's life. and you have three chances. seriously, that's ridiculous. >> you may not believe it after watching all of those videos, but the number of metro bus collisions is down. about 20%. so the i videos can be deceptive. >> they are tough to watch. the take away is, don't run out in front of a metro bus. >> look both ways before you cross the street. >> thank you for that. derek. >> lesli, prince georges
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county police want your help. a sun trust branch was held up yesterday and this is a surveillance picture of the robber. police say he walked into the sun trust bank in the 5700 block of crane highway on tuesday and told the teller that he had a bomb. the teller handed over the cash. the suspect ran away, nobody hurt. now tips can be unanimous and you could get a reward if you have information leading to that fellow right there. d.c. police are looking for suspects in the slaying of 19- year-old david lee robinson. a wake will be held tonight for the young man who police say was shot and killed by assailants who took his expensive sneakers. we have that tape on the story you will only see on 9. >> his son lived for him. >> he leaves a grieving family that includes a girlfriend expecting their first child.
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19-year-old david lee robinson was shot and killed early sunday morning on foot street in northeast. his assailant wanted his new nike's which his god mother says she bought as a reward. >> every time a sneaker come out, jordans or nike's, some young person is getting killed. >> this wasn't his first brush with death. that is him in july of 2010, displaying the staples in his chest. a reminder that doctors had saved his life after he was shot in a drive by in prince georges county. >> what else is going through your mind? >> after surviving his first brush with death, robinson met with curtis, a community activist and recreation department counselor. mosey is used to this for years. >> nobody is pretending that david lee robinson wasn't in
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the streets at some point. he was really trying to turn his life around. he had a full-time job at the home depot. he was going to school at night to learn a trade. >> i just saw him. you know,. >> david lee robinson seemed to know the odds of his escaping the streets were not all that good and he is not alone in that thinking. >> the time when he got shot back a year ago, he has -- they want to do his life story. so friends can remember him. >> curtis says he cold go crazy trying to remember all the young men and boys who were killed in the area over the years. d.c. police still looking for the suspect in the david lee robinson murder. >> there's a reward for anybody who can come up with information here. but is this a sense of something in his past caught up with him or is this reason dome? >> it could be either one. it could be someone caught up with his cousin.
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how do you know? and he's not done, you know, couldn't come up with the number. we couldn't come up with the numbers. >> all right bruce, sad story. thank you. >> anita. >> district police say they'll deploy more officers following a strine of robberies. three people were mugged in a matter of minutes over the weekend. people living in the area have a meeting scheduled tomorrow to discuss the trend and keep safe. >> two days, two attacks. police looking for the predator behind two brazen attacks in montgomery county. a housekeeper was sexually assaulted by a man who broke into a house in bethesda. another woman was victimized during an attack in wheaten. this is your neighborhood. >> it is. i live just around the corner. you can imagine how concerned people are in this neighborhood. police say the man attacked the housekeeper in the driveway just back here. dragged her inside this split
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level home at gunpoint. that he tied up the teenage son and the mother that were inside their sexually assaulted the housekeeper. police want you to take a very, very close look at this photograph. it was captured at an atm at a cvs where police say the man was using the housekeeper's bank card. they say the same man used another woman's atm card at a bank in oxen hill in prince georges county after allegedly attacking her in her garage in wheaten just yesterday. tuesday. neighbors are horrified that this guy is still on the loose. >> i don't know how someone can recover their trust after something like this. very scary to know that we aren't safe. >> now the attacker apparently didn't bring a car to this neighborhood. at least police didn't find one. but i'll tell you what, the
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medical center metro stop is a half mile that way. they say that he did take the cars from -- the car keys from the housekeeper after he sexually assaulted her and he took her car as well. it is a gray 2005 ford expedition with maryland license plates ae7450. if you see the suv or you recognize that photo, please call police or call crime solvers. there is a $1,000 reward and that will likely be going up. lesli. >> hope somebody sees it and they catch this man soon. >> the first day of the virginia 2012 legislative session is underway in richmond. now it begins with the republicans in control of the house. they have a 2/3 majority there. it is split evenly. but that means republican
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lieutenant governor holds the tie breaking vote. republicans will be looking to push through through conservative changes. job development and business incentives. the governor will deliver the state of the commonwealth address at 7:00 p.m. >> scott broom has been tracking all of the developments in the general assembly's first day in annapolis and he'll have a live report on that later at 6:15. >> meantime, tonight on 9news now at 7:00, the voters will have one less candidate to choose from in maryland's fourth district. glenn ivey has officially dropped out and we'll tell you why he decided to do that. anita. >> we'll look guard to that at 7:00. topper. >> moderate rain here in the northwest. the rain is picking up in intensity and it's going to be with us for a while. you can access this on our website at we have rain across the board. up 270, out 266 and down 95
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toward fredericksburg. it's not going anywhere. it will become heavier. 45 right now downtown. 43 in gaithersburg and leesburg and 45 also in manassas. temperatures are not going to go down. they are going to level off. in fact, mild with heavy rain. tapering to showers. lows in the 40 s. winds will become southwesterly. we'll come back and talk about a mild thursday and then here comes the arctic air. and still ahead on 9news now. public humiliation. a mom at her wits end takes desperate measures with her son. >> but first, police launch a search for a man who stole a police cruiser even though he was handcuffed. yup. we'll be right back.
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the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway pleaded guilty in a
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different case. van der sloot murdered stephanie flor flores five years to the day that natalie holloway disappeared. the judge will hand down the sentence on friday. police in indiana are searching for this guy. william francis. they say he stole a police car while he was handcuffed. police say he litter used the radio to ask for a key to the handcuff and a cigarette lighter. incident took place after he was taken into custody during a traffic stop. >> i'm scott broom live in the maryland general assembly where they launched their 2012 session today. and there was talk right out of the box about a sales tax. i'll be back in just a moment. >> we have been watching the incredible pictures from
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snowbound cordova, alaska, and we'll tell you why there is so much snow up there and so little in the lower 48. that is tonight on the cbs evening news.
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some surprise talk of taxes from governor martin o'malley, marking the beginning of maryland's 2012 session of the general assembly. once again, maryland is facing a billion dollar deficit, but no one expected the governor to hike the sales tax for the second time in four years. our scott broom is live in annapolis right now with all that happened there today. scott. >> yeah, this really was a big surprise and it came out as the governor was pretaping a radio program for a public affairs program in baltimore. his staff started walking it back, but it was clear from what we heard from him that he is thinking about a one cent hike in maryland sales tax rates. >> we also have to be strong enough to make the right investments. >> in an address to opening
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day of the maryland general assembly, governor martin o'malley previewed. two hours before he said this. while recording the mark steiner show for baltimore's weaa radio. >> operating budget is roughly half a million. all of which could be addressed and for the greater part in the future. >> buy one penny sales tax that would move us to the lowest. 23rd, 25th. >> raising taxes will kill jobs. >> it was immediate. >> the most important thing we need to do in this economy is create jobs. >> the sales tax went from 5 cents to 6 cents in 2007. and that was before the economy collapsed. the problem once again for maryland is a budget short fall this year expected to be $1 billion. >> county executives were lined up for opening day today. >> we have furloughs.
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>> in a near panic. instead of new taxes, legislators will force counties to take on teacher pensions. for sharon baker, explains it like this. >> facing $126 million deficit. if you shift the teacher pension down, that's another, probably $11 to $20 million added on to that deficit. our budget couldn't handle it. >> a will the of the legislators are talking about a hike in the gas tax. it's called the flush tax. one legislator tweeted out today, better watch your wallets in maryland because it's clear whether it will be this penny sales tax or other taxes talk throughout the session is going to be about raising revenue and that does mean taxes. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, 9news now. >> thanks for all that. a mother in indiana took an
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unusual step after her son's list of crimes were growing at an alarming rate. she stuck her 14-year-old on the street with a sign reading, i lie, i steal, i do drugs. apparently it wasn't enough to get him to make better decisions. >> it wasn't for it to be a joke or anything funny. he decided to stand out here two hours. then again, they got theirs and i got mine. my object is to save my son. >> teen's sign states he clearly doesn't follow the law, but some drivers say his mom wasn't either. police arriving on the scene said that she was within her right making her son stand on the sidewalk with that humiliating sign. >> big rains across the board. >> big rains appear and some ponding on the roads. take it easy if you are
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driving. and salvage a very nice mild thursday before we get the temperature corrector. let's start with a live shot brought to you by michael and son. there's the capital. it's not raining hard enough to obscure the capital. visibility isn't an issue. temperature 45. winds are generally light and they are out of the east, northeast at 9. dew point at 43 and the pressure is beginning to fall 29.83 inches of mercury. live doppler 9,000. you can access this on our website. good time to down load our weather app or go to the app store. are there embedded areas of heavier rain and there are. especially to the south of town. we had some heavy activity around clinton and toward the north beach area and calvert county. now some heavy activity pushed up to the north. what happens in the next hour? we'll get more waves of moisture rolling through. we're looking at essentially
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some good rain through midnight. temperatures haven't done much all evening. 45 college park. 44 bethesda. 43 in great falls. temperatures are not going to fall at all. probably go up before midnight. 45 at college park. and 43 in beltsville. all right, heavy rain tonight. evening commute a mess. heavy rain now until about midnight and tomorrow, maybe an early morning shower. better chance of afternoon showers. but salvage a good day inbetween. much milder on thursday. sunshine will return and we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s to perhaps near 60. let me show you what's coming our way. it's 10 in bismark. arctic air gets into the midwest tomorrow. arctic air gets into the east on friday. get ready for probably the coldest air since we had that outbreak on the 3rd and 4th of this month. heavy activities north of us. noted in yellow, baltimore, and
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frederick north. we have showers after midnight, but heavy activity is gone. we have breaks from the clouds tomorrow morning and in the afternoon, and then by evening, some showers will develop again. they will be light. nothing like what we will see tonight. light showers and then as they continue tomorrow night, they may actually end as snow showers on friday morning. tonight, mild with heavy rain. tapering to showers of midnight. low temperatures in the 40s. winds become southwesterly at 10. now tomorrow morning, maybe an early shower. i think it's going to be dry. partly sunny, mild. 40s and 50s. by afternoon, a shower possible toward evening. but partly sunny and milder. highs 56 to 60. winds southwesterly at 10. nice day. enjoy that because next seven days, we're in the 30s. friday, saturday, and sunday. we have flakes on friday. maybe a flurry or snow shower. we barely make freezing and lucky to make freezing on saturday. and then on sunday, a little disturbance rolls through. maybe snow showers or flurries.
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dry on monday. right now looks like rain on tuesday, possibly ending with snow tuesday night and cold again wednesday. >> you're keeping your fingers crossed. >> yes. >> all right. kristen is on the inside talking about what, you know, what is traditionally a cold weather sport. >> that's right, she's down at the verison center. good night for the caps. up against the rivals. >> yeah, the caps are coming off a tough road test. they drop both of those, but tonight, they can fix that and gain ground on the division against the pittsburgh penguins. plus, they'll have to do it without one of their key players. i'll tell you who coming up next in sports.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> welcome back. we are live at the verison center. caps prepping for their arch rival. the rivalry, if i could say it, has somewhat of a different feel this year. first off, the pens are without sydnie crosby. he is sitting on the sideline watching. so he has concussion-like symptoms. plus, the pens lost their past five games. the caps, they got swept out. no matter how good or bad these teams have been lately, this is still a heated rivalry among the players. >> this is a big game for us and tough losses on the road and we have three at home here.
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>> you are always excited for and no matter who is in the lineup, it's good. so tough game for us to play. >> now the caps will have to play without nicklas backstrom tonight. the club placed him on injured reserve. he missed the last two games on taking an elbow to the head. no timetable in his return. the caps called up tomas. he will play tonight. >> all right, also there seems to be some life in the wizards locker room after all. they finally won their first game after going 0-8. they beat the toronto raptors. he sat andre and rhode island shard lewis, started rookie. they had a season high 20 assists, complete opposite. now can they make it two in a row tonight against chicago? well this has been a good week for redskins linebacker. first the probowl and today announced he won nfl bart star
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award and given to a player who shows outstanding character and leadership. time to vote for the game of the week. high school game of the week poll. some of your choices, for the boys and for the girls, good council at archbishop. also, robert griffin iii from baylor. the heisman trophy winner declared for the draft. they are rumored to make a draft. the fans are starting to come in in a heated game tonight. the caps can get back on trap. live have the verison center, i'm kristen berset. >> fans need to be ready for rain. >> big time rain as they head back home. >> all right, take it easy. that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back with your area's only local newscast at 7:00 and don't forget to join andrea, mike, howard, and monica tomorrow morning bright and early. >> as always, is always on. have a great night. good night.
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